Widow creates web site in response to husband’s death advising others to “get their s*** together.”

After being unable to find important documents after her husband’s unexpected death in a bicycle accident, a mother creates a web site called www.getyourshittogether.org to motivate others to have appropriate documents and to store necessary passwords in a safe place. See a link to an article about the site and the actual site below:

Daily Mail article about the site www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2266867/Straight-talking-young-widow-Chanel-Reynolds-tells-women-s–late.html

The actual site http://getyourshittogether.org/

Her methods might be a little blunt for some of you but the point she makes is an important one. The only bad advice I saw was to make your own legal documents; in Georgia if the documents are not properly executed you leave a major problem behind for your loved ones that are administering your estate.

Help Me Help You Collect!

Once we are awarded a judgment, if the Defendant does not voluntarily agree to pay the debt (in full or in installments), then the real work begins. In order to collect, we must first determine if we can locate any of the Defendant’s assets or, in the case of an individual, locate the person’s place of employment. At this stage we often contact our clients and ask the client what information they have retained about the Defendant. Those companies and individuals that kept the best business records have the best chance of recovery. Taking the time to have the customer complete a credit application may make all the difference in the world in whether you ever recover any money. Keeping detailed records on any payments made to you by the Defendant will greatly assist our recovery efforts. Any information that any employees can remember about the Defendant, such as their address, place of employment, spouse’s name, clubs that the Defendant may belong to, the Defendant’s church, the Defendant’s vehicles, whether the Defendant spoke of any boats, jet ski’s, RV trips, and more may be the difference in collecting the money due and collecting nothing.

If you are a credit grantor and you have any questions about credit applications and business records, please contact the firm for further assistance. In the past we have revised credit applications for customers to improve the customer’s chances of getting paid.

Make a Book or Special Place For Your Important Documents and Passwords!

A great article in today’s AJC by financial planner Wes Moss about the importance of creating a place for all of your critical documents and passwords. A will or trust is of no value if no one ever finds it after your death. Your health care wishes may be ignored if the medical provider is not furnished a copy of your advance directive. In order to use it, someone has to be able to find it. Please do your loved ones a favor and spare them the stress of having to locate your essential information.

Business clients should also pay attention, if your critical passwords cannot be located, your business may suffer mightily in the event you are medically unable to attend to matters.