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The team at JD Stuart Law Group understands that everyone faces challenges and sometimes we find ourselves in our financial difficulties. Our firm takes pride in working with people and organizations every day to start a path forward to financial recovery. With over 25 years of diverse industry experience supported by second generation legal experts our team has worked with creditors to bring a peace of mind and ease in doing business. We have worked with customers to reach resolutions that allow both parties to move forward and assist in creating a goal towards financial freedom.

Our firm takes tremendous pride in meeting the highest ideals of the legal profession which mean treating all sides with courtesy and respect. We maintain a focus on working to reach reasonable resolutions on behalf of our clients. We view every contact with a customer as an opportunity to make a connection, resolve a challenge and find a fair and reasonable path to resolution.

Receivables Management Made Simple

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Statistics have supported the probability of recovering the full value of a debt decreases by 12% every month. Due to U.S. bankruptcy filings at historic levels, we take the pressure off our clients to allow them to do what they do best.

At JD Stuart we focus on building partnerships. We continue to reinvest in what we believe are the best personnel, cutting edge technologies, insuring the highest level of compliance and process, while staying ahead of industry curves through being active in our business community. This supports our clients to focus on their core competencies and foremost business operations.

With highly effective measures of reducing risk and quickly recovering assets, our legal team delivers a direct impact to our client’s bottom line. Through our years of experience and continued education we are committed to being, a Premier Provider of Legal Solutions and Strategies to All Partnerships.

Our clients have chosen JD Stuart, amongst thousands of other options due to the commitments we achieve on a constant basis.

Consumer and Commercial Account Liquidation Services

JD Stuart Law Group, is a Premier Provider in Legal Services with an expertise that is second generation in its areas of practice. Our reputation for integrity and efficiency has established us as a leader in the debt processing and collection industry. Leveraging our experience, and integration of technology we have created a model capable of interfacing with all platforms. We are fully adaptable to seamlessly integrate and implement any client processes or procedures.

Offering a full range of solutions, we represent a diverse spectrum of clients ranging in size. Our active client list includes financial institutions, large debt purchasers, national collection agencies, healthcare companies, hospital medical professionals, and commercial entities. We tailor our services to the exact recovery solution required for each client. Each of our employees undergoes a rigorous testing and training process before being partnered with any client. This process allows us to provide the consistent and dedicated service each of our clients deserves. Our fully-staffed Compliance Department conducts on-going staff training sessions to ensure up-to-date adherence to all federal and state laws, rules and regulations.

The Team at JD Stuart takes tremendous pride in the clients they have represented over the years. We realize there is not a “one size fits all approach” to any successful relationship. Our approach is through a laser focused dedication to delivering not only maximum performance but an ease in doing business.

Our Consumer / Commercial Account Liquidation Services Include:

  • Asset Searches
  • Skip Traces
  • Pre-suit Collections
  • First Party Collections
  • Demand Letter Program

Our Legal Action Recovery Services include:

  • Customized Immediate Suit Program
  • Demand Letter Program
  • Post-Judgment Executions
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Bank Attachments
  • Filing & Renewal of Judgment Liens
  • Judgment Domestication


Our Healthcare Department is proficient in maximizing the liquidation of referred accounts, while expeditiously identifying and segregating uncollectible accounts. We fully understand the negative impact that over-zealous actions can create, damaging our clients’ reputations and brands. We focus our training not only on the collection side of resolving past due accounts, but also in giving the best customer experience. We take a collect with respect approach to consumers, third party payors and guarantors with whom we come in contact. We constantly train our staff on the applicable laws, rules, regulations, processes and procedures while also reinforcing our Code of Ethics. We provide firm but fair programs and processes to resolve any receivables problem faced by healthcare providers. Our practices are financial class oriented, allowing us to accelerate the recovery of past due accounts and maximize our clients’ net recoveries.

Our accounts receivables management services include:

  • Self-Pay Program
  • Liability Collection Program
  • Third-party Expediter (TPE) Program
  • Uncompensated Care Discovery (UCD) Program
  • Payment Tracking System (PTS) Program
  • Faculty/Physician Program
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Program
  • Legal Program

Real Estate, Civil and Commercial Litigation

Serving a wide range of clients, we offer a staff of trained personnel to handle the inevitable conflicts that arise in connection with business, real estate and personal matters. Our Litigation Department places your interests first and foremost, always attempting to resolve issues without litigation. However, our seasoned attorneys are fully prepared to pursue our clients’ rights and positions vigorously and aggressively throughout the litigation process.


Family Law

During one of the most stressful times of your life, you need confidence and calm guidance from your legal representative and counselor. Our family law staff is extremely skilled in all aspects of family practice with extensive experience in not only guiding you through the legal process, but providing the most needed commodity – careful and considered advice. Our staff is dedicated to resolving your problems and protecting you and your rights. We are versed in all components of family law including pre-marital and marital agreements, separation, equitable distribution, alimony, relocation, enforcement actions, modifications of final judgments and cases involving significant assets and conflicts. We are your ethical advocate, ensuring you receive everything you are entitled to without creating unnecessary conflicts which add to your distress. Our primary commitment is to build and maintain a relationship based on trust and integrity that lasts beyond the current situation.


Estate Planning

We maintain a staff experienced in assisting you plan for the eventual time when you will not be here to speak for yourself or offer guidance to your family. Wealth preservation is a major part of estate planning, but it needs to fit within your intent for your family and loved ones after you are gone.

Trusts for control of assets or diminution of tax liabilities; configuration of business activities for the maximum long-term benefit; asset structures to provide care for family members, loved ones and pets; and, other strategies all need to function as a cohesive whole to implement an effective estate plan. We are here to help you prepare for the future.

Notice for New York City Residents:

(1) The JD Stuart Law Group, LLC conducts its business in English and does not provide language access services or translations in any other language.
(2) The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs provides a translation and description of commonly used debt collection terms in multiple languages on its website, www.nyc.gov/dca.